About us

Car-price-facts.com is established with the aim to provide the simplest buying and selling experience to the customers. From researching the best car to safe delivery and quick car loans, we help the customers in buying the best car as per their needs. Buying a car is a big decision for many and most people are confused in deciding which one to buy. We provide them assistance in deciding the best car for their needs.

What we do for our customers?

It is seen thatmost of the dealers charge hidden cost when assisting the customers in making a car purchase. The car price that you get as a quote is actually increased by the extra expenses. This is not a problem with us as we do not charge any hidden fee from the customers. We also offer the best tools using which the customers can check out the best price of the car and make sure that they are getting the best prices for their investment.These helpful tools when combined with useful guides on our website make it easy for the customers in making their purchase decision.

How do we work?

The customers can visit our site and make query regarding the availability of the car and its price. With the help of pro advisor, we provide the bestprice and also offer various payment options. If the customer is satisfied with the deal, we also help in completing all the needed documentation workand arrange a personal test drive.

Why choose us?

No matter, you are looking forward to invest in a new car or a used car, our experts will provide you the needed guidance in every case. We also maintain the privacy of customer information and never sell our client’s personal information to dealers for marketing purpose.